Focusing on the high performance PP fiber application, Charming started to produce the PP fiber Masterbatch since 1985. With experienced dispersion technology, Charming PP Masterbatch has a stable spinning ability and excellent filter performance, which is widely used in the medical nonwoven and out door fabric application.


Medical nonwoven

Charming medical nonwoven Masterbatch has excellent pigment dispersion and very low filter pressure value, which can be used in all kinds of machines and facilities for SMMS and SMMMS application.

Spun-bond nonwoven

Charming spun-bond nonwoven Masterbatch had been widely used in all kinds of nonwoven application like packaging, shopping bags, textile fabric and so on. With a long spinning filter life and stable quality, the color lot differenceΔE<1.0

PP filament (out door)

Charming provide high performance PP color Masterbatch for the out door application. With high light fastness pigment and UV resistance agent, Charming PP Masterbatch can endure 300h base ASTM G154 together with excellent filament spinning ability.

PP BCF carpet

Charming provide high quality PP fiber Masterbatch for the BCF carpet, which has high heat stability 250~260℃, ensure the color change stability ΔE<1.0