Charming started to produce the PET fiber Masterbatch since 1985. During the past 28 years, Charming had grown up to be a world-class top quality fiber Masterbatch supplier with decades of production experience and application experience. Charming provide high quality Masterbatch with high color fastness, high light fastness, excellent pigment dispersion and very low filter pressure value, which had been widely used in the high performance PET filament industries.


General filament
The PET fiber Masterbatch can meet all kinds of general DTY/FDY application, like 150d/48f, 100d/36f, 75d/36f with round, trilobal or flat spinneret. With excellent spinning ability and very low filter pressure value, Charming Masterbatch has an economic price.

Super fine filament
With the excellent machines from Germany and experienced pigment dispersion technology, Charming provide super fine grade color Masterbatch with very low FPV, which can be used in the 150d/144f and 150d/288f DTY and FDY application.

Automotive textile application
Charming provide high quality tailor-made Masterbatch for automobile textile application. Base on VW PV1303 standard, all the colors can reach the grey scale 4 level base 3 periods. Some colors can reach grey scale 4 level base 4 periods or even higher.Charming automobile Masterbatch had been widely used in china and the finial customers include near all the famous brands like GM, VolksWagen, Ford, FIAT, Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, KIA, HYUNDAI and so on.

High color fastness textile application
Charming color engineers are experienced in the pigment material and matching formulation. Base on ISO 105 C06 95℃ 30mins with grey scale 4~5 level (multi-fiber), our engineers will evaluate the color samples and choose the best way to achieve the colors.