Charming provide different kinds of the PA6 Masterbatch for the fiber application. With a strong pigment & dyestuff sourcing ability, Charming provide a colorful solution for the Nylon spinning industries. So far, the PA6 fiber Masterbatch can use in the filament, staple fiber, micro fiber (black color) and the BCF carpet.


General filament
Charming PA6 fiber Masterbatch generally use for the PA6 filament 70d/24f and 70d/48f. With good spinning ability and color lot differenceΔE<1.0

Micro fiber
Charming provide the black Masterbatch for the PA6 micro fiber (1~2µ) application, with the excellent carbon black dispersion ability, the black MB has a very low FPV and a long spinning filter life.

Staple fiber
Charming PA6 fiber Masterbatch can be used in all kinds of Nylon staple fiber application. The color lot difference ΔE<1.0

  BCF carpet
Base customers’ requirement, Charming provide different kinds of PA6 color Masterbatch for the carpet industry. With high color fastness and the color lot difference ΔE<1.0