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As the pioneer of Masterbatch industry in China, Charming started to produce high quality fiber Masterbatch since 1985. In the pass 28 years, Charming had developed 6 series with thousands of Masterbatch which mainly focus on fiber, textile, film and packaging application.

With advanced twin screw machines from Germany and decades experience in Masterbatch processing and pigment dispersion technology, Charming provide stable high quality color Masterbatch and creative founctional Masterbatch solution for our customers. Charming Masterbatch is well known in China market, and export to Europe, South America, South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa etc about 18 countries and market in the world.

Not only products, Charming provide a complete technical support service and individual development cooperation, which can help our customers to solve the practical problems and develop new projects with creative solution.

We are so proud that we can share our experience and technology with customers and grow up together.